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Being Boss Review, Summary & Guide: Empower Your Path to Success

Diving into “Being Boss” by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson felt like grabbing coffee with the mentors I never knew I needed. This book isn’t just a read; it’s a journey through the ins and outs of what it really means to own your work and live your life with purpose and passion. It’s packed with actionable advice that’s as practical as it is inspiring, making it a must-read for anyone looking to level up their entrepreneurial game.

Why should you trust what I’ve got to say about it? Well, I’m Mike Piet, and I’ve been navigating the entrepreneurial waters for over a decade. I’ve experienced the highs of success and the lows of failure, and I’ve come out the other side with insights that align closely with what Shannon and Thompson preach. My journey’s taught me a thing or two about what it means to be boss in both life and business.

Three key takeaways from “Being Boss” that resonated with me were the importance of setting boundaries, the power of cultivating a boss mindset, and the necessity of building a strong community. These aren’t just tips; they’re game changers for anyone ready to take their entrepreneurial spirit to the next level.

Overview of “Being Boss” by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson

Embracing the Boss Mindset: One of the first ideas that struck me in “Being Boss” was the concept of the boss mindset. Kathleen and Emily argue that it’s not just about being in charge but also embodying the role with confidence and purpose. It’s like that time I decided to pivot my business model; I had to fully believe in my decision—no half-measures.

Setting Boundaries Like a Pro: As mentioned earlier, setting boundaries is pivotal. The authors dive deep into the why and how of establishing these lines. They share stories of entrepreneurs who learned this the hard way, plus practical tips for doing it right. It echoes my journey of saying no to clients who weren’t a fit, saving me both time and stress.

Nurturing Your Community: Building on the idea of a strong community, the book stresses the importance of surrounding yourself with like-minded individuals. I’ve personally found that peer support can boost your resilience and innovation. It’s a lesson that resonates with many of us who’ve felt isolated in our entrepreneurial pursuits.

Actionable Strategies for Growth: What sets “Being Boss” apart are the actionable steps Kathleen and Emily provide for growing personally and professionally. They’re not just speaking from theory; they back their advice with real-life successes and failures. It’s this blend of honesty and strategy that inspired me to refine my work processes, yielding a significant uptick in productivity.

Living with Intention and Purpose: Lastly, the book champions the idea of living and working with intention. Every chapter challenges you to align your actions with your core values. This principle has guided me in making more deliberate choices in my business, leading to more fulfilling outcomes.

Remember, it’s the journey of incorporating these teachings that cultivates a true “Being Boss” attitude.

Key Themes Explored in the Book

Embrace the Boss Mindset

Diving into “Being Boss,” I realized that the boss mindset isn’t just about calling the shots; it’s a profound transformation of how you see yourself and your work. Kathleen and Emily don’t just tell you to be confident; they show you how to build it like a muscle. I remember scribbling notes furiously as they detailed exercises reminiscent of the ones I tackled during my first rocky year of freelancing. Their approach made me feel seen and understood.

Setting Boundaries That Stick

One of the book’s golden nuggets is the emphasis on setting boundaries. This concept hit home for me when I found myself working late into the night, yet again, to meet a client’s last-minute request. Following the book’s advice, I began to establish clear work hours and communication rules. The transformation wasn’t overnight, but now, my clients respect my time more, and I’ve reclaimed my evenings. It’s all about creating a sustainable business model that respects your personal time and energy.

Cultivating a Thriving Community

The power of community is another core theme. The authors argue, and I wholeheartedly agree, that a supportive network isn’t just nice to have; it’s essential for growth. After joining a local entrepreneurs’ group, as suggested, the benefits were immediate. I exchanged services with a web designer, found a trustworthy accountant, and most importantly, made connections that evolved into genuine friendships. This network has become my go-to resource for advice and support, underscoring the book’s point that community is a catalyst for success.

Living Intentionally Every Day

Lastly, the concept of intentionality resonates deeply with me. “Being Boss” urges readers to align daily actions with their ultimate goals, a practice I’ve adopted with enthusiasm. I start each day by asking myself, “What can I do today that aligns with my goals?” This simple question has sharpened my focus and multiplied my productivity, proving that intentionality is the secret sauce to not just dreaming big, but achieving big.

Through these themes, Kathleen and Emily not only provide a blueprint for professional success but also for personal fulfillment. Their advice isn’t just theoretical; it’s practical, actionable, and most importantly, it works.

Practical Advice for Entrepreneurs

Embrace the Mindset Shift

When I first started on my entrepreneurial journey, the biggest game-changer was embracing the boss mindset, as mentioned in “Being Boss”. This wasn’t about adopting a superiority complex but realizing I’m in control of my success. I remember reading a quote by Steve Jobs, “If you really look closely, most overnight successes took a long time.” It hit me that behind every success story is a mountain of perseverance and a steadfast belief in one’s ability to make things happen.

Setting Boundaries is Your Superpower

Setting boundaries has been a cornerstone for maintaining my energy and focus. Early on, I used to say yes to everything, fearing I’d miss out. But I quickly learned that not all opportunities are equal, and spreading myself too thin was counterproductive. By setting clear boundaries around my time and commitments, I was not only more respected by my clients but also found a better balance between work and life, echoing the importance of this practice outlined in “Being Boss”.

Cultivate Your Community

Building a supportive community has been essential for my growth, both personally and professionally. As Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson highlight, networking isn’t just about exchanging business cards; it’s about building genuine relationships. I’ve found my most valuable connections at events and through mutual acquaintances, where the stakes felt less transactional. According to a LinkedIn survey, 85% of professionals consider networking important to career success, and I couldn’t agree more. It’s in these communities that we find mentors, partners, and lifelong friends.

Intentional Living Boosts Productivity

Lastly, aligning my daily actions with my long-term goals has not only boosted my productivity but also my overall satisfaction. Living intentionally, as the book suggests, means making choices that reflect my ultimate objectives. Whether it’s dedicating the first hour of my day to strategic thinking or turning down projects that don’t align with my values, this practice has helped me stay focused and avoid burnout.

Personal Insights on Implementing “Being Boss” Principles

Embracing the Boss Mindset

I’ll tell ya, stepping into the boss mindset was a game-changer for me. Before, the idea of calling the shots in my life and career felt about as comfortable as a fish on a bicycle. But here’s the kicker: Once I embraced it, I never looked back. This shift wasn’t just about feeling in charge; it was about actively making decisions that propelled me forward. My favorite mantra became, “If not me, then who? If not now, then when?”

Setting Boundaries is Pure Gold

You know how they say you can’t pour from an empty cup? Well, setting boundaries turned my cup from a leaky colander into a fortified goblet. I started by pinpointing what drained me most, both professionally and personally. Then, I got down to the nitty-gritty of communicating these limits. The result? My energy levels soared, and respect from clients and peers followed suit. As mentioned before, maintaining energy and focus is crucial, and this practice got me there.

Building My Tribe

In my journey, building a supportive community has been as essential as air. I used to think networking meant handing out as many business cards as possible. Boy, was I wrong. It’s about creating genuine relationships. I took to social media, attended webinars, and even set up a local entrepreneurs’ coffee meet-up. Through these channels, I’ve formed connections that have provided invaluable advice, leads, and sometimes, a much-needed venting session over a cup of joe.

Living Intentionally Every Single Day

Aligning my daily actions with my long-term goals required a precision akin to a surgeon. At first, I was all over the place, but once I started implementing daily rituals and routines that mirrored my ambitions, the change was palpable. I made it a point to review my goals every morning, which helped me steer clear of distractions and keep burnout at bay. It’s like building a brick wall, where each brick is a day lived with purpose.

Remember, the journey of embracing these principles isn’t always smooth, but the rewards are well worth the hustle.


Diving into “Being Boss” has been a game-changer for me. Embracing the boss mindset not only boosted my confidence but also revolutionized how I approach my work and life. Setting boundaries and building a strong community turned out to be more than just advice—it became my strategy for success. Aligning my daily hustle with my long-term dreams helped me stay on track without burning out. Sure, it wasn’t easy to implement all these changes, but the journey’s been worth every step. Trust me, if you’re looking to take control and live your life on your terms, giving this book a read might just be the push you need.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the “Being Boss” book about?

“Being Boss” by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson explores the mindset of being your own boss, focusing on empowerment, decision-making, setting boundaries, building a supportive community, and living intentionally to align daily actions with long-term goals.

How can adopting a boss mindset transform your life?

Adopting a boss mindset can significantly transform your life by empowering you to make decisive choices, boosting your energy through boundary setting, earning respect, fostering genuine relationships, and maintaining focus on your goals, thereby avoiding burnout.

What are the benefits of setting boundaries?

Setting boundaries benefits individuals by enhancing energy levels, ensuring personal and professional respect, and allowing for a healthier work-life balance, leading to increased productivity and satisfaction.

How important is community in being your own boss?

Building a supportive community is crucial for entrepreneurs because it provides emotional support, facilitates networking opportunities, and enables the sharing of resources and advice, ultimately contributing to personal and business growth.

What does living intentionally mean in the context of this article?

Living intentionally means aligning your daily actions with your long-term goals to maintain focus, ensure progress, and avoid distractions and burnout. It emphasizes the importance of having a clear vision and actively working towards it each day.

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