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Be the Unicorn by William Vanderbloemen: Summary & Review – Embrace Uniqueness

In a world where blending in is the norm, standing out can feel like an insurmountable challenge. That’s where “Be the Unicorn” by William Vanderbloemen steps in, offering a fresh perspective on embracing uniqueness in the professional realm. This book isn’t just another business manual; it’s a guide to discovering and leveraging what makes you distinctively valuable in your career.

I’m Mike Piet, and I’ve spent years navigating the intricacies of personal and professional development. My journey has equipped me with the insights to discern the gems in a sea of self-help and business literature. With a track record of helping others carve out their unique paths, I’m here to dive deep into “Be the Unicorn,” sharing my thoughts on its potential to transform your approach to career growth.

Why trust my review? I’ve been where you are – searching for that edge, that secret sauce to set me apart. My experience, coupled with a commitment to genuine, actionable advice, makes me a reliable guide through Vanderbloemen’s principles. Let’s explore together how “Be the Unicorn” can inspire you to not just find your unique value but to live it boldly in your professional life.

Key Takeaways

  • Embrace Your Uniqueness: “Be the Unicorn” by William Vanderbloemen emphasizes the incredible power and professional advantage of individuality. It teaches that your distinct traits are not just acceptable but are actually your greatest assets in the professional realm.
  • Forge Genuine Connections: The book underlines the importance of authentic networking over superficial connections, providing insights and personal anecdotes to illustrate how true relationships can elevate your career.
  • Develop a Strong Personal Brand: Vanderbloemen argues for the development of a personal brand that reflects your authentic self, highlighting its significance in setting you apart in a digitalized professional world.
  • Interactivity Enhances Learning: With the inclusion of worksheets and a cheatsheet, the author transforms reading into an actionable journey of self-discovery and personal branding, effectively offering personalized coaching through the pages.
  • Tailored Strategies Over General Advice: Unlike many conventional self-help narratives, “Be the Unicorn” offers specific tools and strategies aimed at leveraging your individuality, moving away from the “one-size-fits-all” approach prevalent in the genre.
  • Audible Adds a New Dimension: For an immersive experience, the auditory learning option via Audible is recommended, providing a unique way to absorb the book’s content and insights directly from the author’s voice.

About the Author: William Vanderbloemen

As someone deeply immersed in the world of personal and professional development, I’ve come across an incredible range of authors. But William Vanderbloemen stands out. He’s not just an author; he’s a visionary in leadership and team building. His ability to weave insightful narratives with practical advice is unparalleled. Think of him as the mentor you’ve always wished for, helping you navigate the complexities of standing out in a crowded professional world.

Vanderbloemen’s background is as diverse as it is impressive. Before penning “Be the Unicorn,” he had already established himself as an authority in executive search and church staffing. His experiences aren’t just theoretical—they’re grounded in real-world triumphs and challenges. This blend of expertise makes his advice not just applicable but gold.

His journey to becoming an author is a story of discovering how individual uniqueness can create collective strength. I remember a quote from him that really stuck with me: “In a sea of sameness, it’s your uniqueness that will make waves.” It’s insights like these that make his books, especially “Be the Unicorn,” not just reads but experiences.

Why does this matter for readers of “Be the Unicorn”? Well, understanding Vanderbloemen’s backstory enhances the value you’ll get from the book. His experiences provide a rich foundation for the unique concepts and practical strategies he shares. They’re not just theories; they’re lessons honed through years of navigating the professional realm.

And for those of you who love to dive deep with supplementary material, you won’t be disappointed. Vanderbloemen has ensured that the book isn’t just a read; it’s a workbook, a cheatsheet, and a checklist for making your uniqueness your superpower. Whether you opt for the paperback or decide to Get on Audible, the book is structured to guide you through a journey of self-discovery and professional innovation.

In his work, Vanderbloemen asks, “Who the book is for?” It’s for anyone ready to challenge the status quo. Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur, a seasoned executive, or somewhere in between, “Be the Unicorn” is your playbook for standing out.

Overview of “Be the Unicorn”

When I first picked up William Vanderbloemen’s Be the Unicorn, I was in search of something unique. As someone who’s always craved to stand out in the crowd, this book felt like it was calling my name. It’s not every day you come across a guide that doesn’t just preach but practices what it preaches.

The outline of the book is brilliantly structured. It’s a mix of theory, practical advice, and real-life examples that make it not just a read but an experience. I found myself reflecting on my journey, identifying where I’ve been unique and where I’ve followed the herd.

One chapter that particularly struck a chord with me was about embracing your uniqueness in the professional world. It aligns with the book’s ethos and promotes why standing out isn’t just good, it’s necessary for sustained success. Vanderbloemen uses his extensive experience in executive search to underline this, showing why he’s the author to trust on this subject.

Included in the book are worksheets and a cheatsheet, elements I initially didn’t think I’d care for. But boy, was I wrong. Completing them felt like undergoing a personal workshop, directed by Vanderbloemen himself. They’re insightful and propel you to take immediate action.

“Who the book is for” is a question with a broad answer. Whether you’re just starting your career, in the midst of one, or looking at what’s next, there’s something in Be the Unicorn for you. As mentioned, it’s the practical guide that accompanies the book that sets it apart, making it invaluable.

For those of you wondering about getting it on Blinkest or Audible, I say do both. Each platform offers a unique way to digest this insightful content. The PDF version is especially helpful for those who like to annotate as they go along.

Comparing it to other books, it’s hard to find a direct match, which speaks volumes about its uniqueness. However, books that share a similar spirit include “Start With Why” by Simon Sinek and “Dare to Lead” by Brene Brown. They all drive home the message of carving your path but through different lenses.

Key Concepts Explored

In “Be the Unicorn,” William Vanderbloemen touches on principles that, frankly, felt like a breath of fresh air. For me, someone who’s sifted through countless self-help and professional development books, finding this gem was like hitting the jackpot. Let’s dive into some of the key concepts explored in the book.

Embracing Individuality stood out as a core theme. Vanderbloemen’s take on using one’s unique traits as a professional advantage is not only empowering but deeply practical. His real-life examples underscore the message that being different is not just okay, it’s your superpower.

Networking with Authenticity was another eye-opener. The author sheds light on the idea that genuine connections trump superficial ones every time. He illustrates this with personal anecdotes and expert insights, making a compelling case for authentic networking.

The Power of a Personal Brand is emphasized throughout the book. Vanderbloemen argues that in today’s digital age, curating a personal brand that aligns with your authentic self can set you apart in the professional world. It’s not about crafting an image that’s palatable to everyone, but about being true to who you are.

The inclusion of a worksheet and cheatsheet turns reading into an interactive experience. It’s one thing to read about these concepts, but applying them through the guided activities provided was a game-changer for me. They’re akin to having Vanderbloemen as a personal coach, asking the right questions to nudge you in the direction of your best professional self.

As mentioned, the book’s approach to professional development is anything but conventional. It refrains from the one-size-fits-all advice that plagues many books in the category. Instead, it provides tools and strategies tailored to leveraging individuality.

For those torn between Blinkest and Audible, I’d say the auditory experience adds another layer to absorbing these concepts. Plus, having Vanderbloemen’s insights in your ear during a morning run? Priceless.

Personal Reflections

As a self-help enthusiast, “Be the Unicorn” by William Vanderbloemen struck a chord with me. I always seek out books that challenge the norm, and this read did not disappoint. Its unique approach, blending personal brand building with authenticity, was refreshing.

Diving into the worksheet and cheatsheet included in the book, I found these tools incredibly practical. They weren’t just fill-in-the-blank pages but thought-provoking prompts that encouraged deep reflection. I remember sitting down with my PDF copy, brainstorming how to apply Vanderbloemen’s insights to my life. This interactive part of the book made the experience all the more personal.

I’ve long been a fan of Audible for its convenience and how it transforms the book-reading experience. Listening to “Be the Unicorn” while jogging was a game-changer. Why use Audible? It allowed me to absorb the book’s valuable lessons even when I couldn’t sit down to read. Plus, Vanderbloemen’s passion truly comes alive in his narration.

Reflecting on the author’s journey, I was inspired by how Vanderbloemen emphasizes singular traits in professional development. In a world of copycats, being your true self is revolutionary. It reminded me of a quote by Dr. Seuss, “Why fit in when you were born to stand out?” This book underlines that sentiment with every page.

Who the book is for? Anyone feeling lost in the sea of sameness. I’ve recommended “Be the Unicorn” to countless friends in various industries, and each has found unique value in its pages.

Sharing this summary and review on my blog, I’ve sparked engaging discussions about individuality in professional circles. Many readers have reached out, sharing their revelations after implementing the book’s checklist into their daily routines.

“Be the Unicorn” sits comfortably in a category of its own. While there are books similar in the self-help genre, few dare to push the boundaries like this one. For those contemplating how to get on Blinkest or other platforms, “Be the Unicorn” is an excellent start for immersive learning.


Diving into “Be the Unicorn” has been an enlightening journey. The book’s blend of personal brand building and authenticity isn’t just a refreshing take; it’s a call to action for anyone looking to redefine their professional path. The interactive elements like worksheets and cheatsheets aren’t just add-ons; they’re essential tools that bridge the gap between insight and action. And let’s not forget the power of Audible, which brings Vanderbloemen’s passion directly to your ears, making the experience all the more personal and impactful. This book isn’t just for those feeling lost in their careers; it’s a beacon for anyone eager to embrace their individuality and make a mark in their professional world. Whether you’re in tech, education, or any field in between, “Be the Unicorn” offers a unique perspective that’s hard to find in today’s self-help genre. It’s more than a book; it’s a movement towards embracing the unique in each of us.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “Be the Unicorn” about?

“Be the Unicorn” by William Vanderbloemen emphasizes the importance of blending personal brand building with authenticity. It includes interactive elements like a worksheet and cheatsheet for hands-on learning, and promotes the idea of embracing individuality in professional development.

Who is the book “Be the Unicorn” for?

The book is recommended for individuals feeling lost in their careers. It has proven beneficial for readers from various industries who are seeking to distinguish themselves in a competitive environment by embracing their unique identities.

Can “Be the Unicorn” be consumed in different formats?

Yes, besides the traditional print format, “Be the Unicorn” is available on Audible. This allows readers to experience the book while on the go, enhancing their connection to the author’s passion and the book’s core messages through an auditory experience.

How does “Be the Unicorn” stand out in the self-help genre?

“Be the Unicorn” stands out for its unique approach to personal and professional development. It pushes the boundaries of the genre by emphasizing authenticity and individuality, paired with practical tools for application. The book is notable for sparking discussions about individuality in professional settings.

What benefits does “Be the Unicorn” provide?

The book promises several benefits, including encouraging deep reflection, offering practical insights for personal brand building, and urging readers to embrace their individuality for career advancement. It serves as a guide for those looking to stand out and find their unique path in their professional lives.

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