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Case Study: Digital Strike’s Revolutionary SEO Strategy Catapults Fiber Internet Client To New Heights

In the fiercely competitive fiber internet market, Digital Strike was approached by a client seeking to break through the noise and establish a significant online presence. The objective was clear: to enhance visibility, drive engagement, and ultimately increase conversions through a targeted SEO strategy.


The fiber internet space is saturated with established providers dominating the SERPs. Digital Strike’s client needed to not only stand out but also to gain traction in a market where consumers are often overwhelmed with choices.


Digital Strike’s approach was multifaceted, focusing on key SEO pillars:

      1. Keyword Optimization: Carefully researched keywords that targeted both high-volume search terms and niche segments within the fiber internet audience.
      2. Content Marketing: Crafting informative, engaging content that addresses consumer questions, concerns, and interests related to fiber internet.
      3. On-Page SEO: Ensuring all technical aspects of the client’s website were optimized for search engines, from meta tags to site speed.
      4. Off-Page SEO: A robust link-building campaign to establish authority and improve backlink profile.
      5. User Experience (UX): Improving the website’s usability to ensure a seamless customer journey that encourages conversions.


Over a period of 12 months, Digital Strike rolled out a targeted SEO campaign. Monthly activities included:


SEO case study increasing organic trafficDigital Strike’s results speak for themselves. Over a year, our comprehensive SEO strategy led to the following month-over-month improvements:

      • Organic Rankings From 4,240 to 12,800 keyword rankings — a staggering 202% increase.
      • Organic Traffic: From 3,527 to 10,759 organic website visitors — a 205% increase.
      • Revenue: From $4,240 to $12,800 monthly — reflecting the direct impact on the bottom line.


This case study underscores Digital Strike’s expertise in delivering extraordinary results in the SEO landscape. Our strategic approach, consistent execution, and relentless focus on our client’s goals have yielded not just short-term gains but a sustainable competitive advantage in the fiber internet market.

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